Antibiotics: What You Need To Know

AntibioticsAntibiotics have been around longer than many people realize. In ancient times, the Greeks used mold to treat infection. Other instances have been recorded of using plant and animal extracts to combat and prevent infections. It was not until Alexander Flemming made two important medical discoveries that antibiotics really took off. The most famous of these two discoveries is penicillin, which is derived from the fungus Penicillium notatum. Antibiotics have saved many lives. Today, we can easily treat diseases with antibiotics that would have previously been a death sentence. What people also need to be aware of, though, is that antibiotics can come with their own downfalls as well. Continue reading “Antibiotics: What You Need To Know”

Managing Neck and Back Pain

Managing Neck And Back Pain

Back pain is often under or over-diagnosed. Some cases its merely pain from tired joints and muscles, but for some, it can be associated with underlying problems that need medical attention.

Lumbar Strain. One of the most common causes of neck and back pain are stretch injuries from sports and heavy lifting activities. Lumbar strain in other words in caused by microscopic tears on tendons, ligaments or muscles and can happen on any age and even on athletes. Its best to have it checked to pinpoint where the damage is, and your doctor can prescribe supportive gear and therapy for chronic cases. Continue reading “Managing Neck and Back Pain”

Health Complications During Premenopausal

Premenopausal Health Complications

A woman may undergo many health complications during the premenopausal years as well as after her menopause. These changes in her body are caused by the decline of estrogen (female hormones) produced by her ovaries. Even though there is no any quick solution to these health complications, there are other means to reduce the intensity of the health complication. So, if you are in your late 40s, the following are some health issues and their solutions that will bring relief through the rough journey. Continue reading “Health Complications During Premenopausal”

Health Risks Associated With Poor Oral Care

Gum Disease Caused by Poor Oral CareOral health is more important than most people might realize. There is an intimate connection between a person’s oral health and his or her overall health. Years ago, physicians who suspected diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions would not have contemplated referring patients to a gum specialist. Fortunately, recent research demonstrates that there are links between dental hygiene and overall health. Today, doctors are taking a more holistic approach when it comes to their patients’ overall health. According to the World Health Organization, worldwide, 60 to 90 percent of children and almost 100% of adults have an oral condition. In addition, oral diseases are the fourth most costly diseases to treat in certain countries. Continue reading “Health Risks Associated With Poor Oral Care”