Health Complications During Premenopausal

Premenopausal Health Complications

A woman may undergo many health complications during the premenopausal years as well as after her menopause. These changes in her body are caused by the decline of estrogen (female hormones) produced by her ovaries. Even though there is no any quick solution to these health complications, there are other means to reduce the intensity of the health complication. So, if you are in your late 40s, the following are some health issues and their solutions that will bring relief through the rough journey.

The main problem with menopause is that it is accompanied by old age, which led to the problem associated with aging and hormonal fluctuations. Once the protective hormones in a woman’s body (estrogen and progesterone) decline, there is a high risk of developing osteoporosis, cardiovascular and stroke. For this reason is paramount to take the required age nutrition. Menopausal women need to take vitamin B6 and B16 every day. A woman also needs calcium after menopause, which can be easily acquired through diet and supplements; in addition to a healthy diet, focus on drinking plenty of water (8 glasses of fresh water daily) to stay healthy and hydrated.

Regularly exercising can also be of great help to women who are in their menopause. Exercise relieves physical and emotional problems that arise due to menopause. The most common problem is osteoporosis, which eventually leads to rapid loss of bone mass after menopause. Osteoporosis can be prevented by aerobics, weight training and off course adequate calcium in the diet. Apart from the physical benefits, exercising also help in reducing mood swings and other emotional complication related to menopause. Exercising a lot leads to the production of endorphin chemical that helps in daytime alertness and induces sleep at night.

Women at menopause who smoke cigarettes are advised to quit. Smoking has serious effects on the onset of menopause. Medics have found that smoking increases the chances of suffering from osteoporosis, weaker bones, and worse hot flashes in women at menopause. Women who smoke a lot have a high risk of getting into menopause earlier than women who do not smoke.

Women at menopause are also encouraged to go for regular gynecological checkups. Your Gynecology will be able to examine your genital to detect early signs of cancer. Women who are sexually active will have their vagina wall examined thoroughly because their vaginal walls are at a greater risk of tearing at menopause.

These tips can improve your health after the turmoil of menopause so that you can live a healthy stress-free life!